Imagine Dragons
Music Video
Label: Interscope
Director: James Larese
Production: Plus Four

Visual Effects
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Radioactive is set in a secluded barn deep in the woods where what appears to be an underground cockfighting ring is revealed to actually be a puppet fight club run by an evil ringleader played by Lou Diamond Phillips. LDP has imprisoned Imagine Dragons and their fury friends against their will, and while the band is left jailed in a dungeon, puppets fight to the death for a crowd of gamblers placing bets on their survival. All hope is seemingly lost until a young drifter played by Alexandra Daddario unleashes an unlikely hero to rescue the band and finally, defeat their sinister captor.

Awards and Recognition

2013 MTV Video Music Awards Best Rock Video Imagine Dragons "Radioactive" Nomination
2013 MVPA Awards Best Rock Video Imagine Dragons "Radioactive" Win